Thursday, September 02, 2010

:: Tale of 5,000 bricks ::

Was at the National Library in the morning for some "work related stuff" and realize one major thing. If I'm not wrong, when the National Library moved from its original location to its present location, some of its red bricks was moved and put into an exhibition-like display. The thing is, I don't really know where it is. Now, as I'm typing this, I know (after doing some amount of research). Here's some pictures for the day.

Here's 1 of the bricks found in the library at an exhibition at level 5.

This insignia, located near one of the entrance of the library, was from the old library (maybe located at its main hall). Some believed the four symbols symbolize knowledge from the four corners of the world. Lastly,

The last part of the original gate linking the National Museum to the old library. Yes people, in the olden times (when police still where shorts) the National Museum and the National Library shared the same location. Cool huh?

So, now the question is..... where is the 5,000 brick exhibition? I know where it is. Only have to get me buttocks down there to take a picture of it. Till next time.....

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