Thursday, October 27, 2011

:: My answer on air ::

Check this, was listening to the Morning Express on Class 95 and the Djs asked this question. What smell do you like and what smell do you not like? My answer was "I love the smell of fried chicken and hated the smell of someone who farted in an air-conditioned space." My answer was used as an example on air! Can you fucking believe that?! Well, Flying Dutchman did have to change the word farted to breaking wind. But fucking hell! My answer was read on air. That's like my borderline funny thoughts being broadcast to the whole nation. Probably some dude was like, "oh yeah...fart in the office....that sucks." Good Thursday.

Friday, October 21, 2011

:: welcoming my own ass back ::

After many many time away, i'm welcoming my ass back to blogger. Hi Blogger! I'm writing on blogger again because i realized that I still have many nonsensical things to write. Nonsensical things that I could not write anywhere else (in twitter, facebook or my bands blog). Therefore, in true honor of me teaching people how to be more of a jerk, here's a drop of knowledge!

A few days ago i've reached a revelation on how to insult a person. Yes, insult a person. Get ready........ if anyone. And i mean ANYONE is being a prick to you, call he/she.... A SPERM!


This is how you use it.

Example A: "Hey don't be such a sperm!"

Example B : "Wah lau.... you are such a sperm!"

Example C : "YOU SPERM!"

See guys, try it. See their reactions. And remember that you heard it here first! Next time, BOOYAH!