Saturday, September 05, 2009

:: Dont hear, just see ::

This is hilarious. Been going around telling friends about this. Might as well post it up here for them to see it for themselves.

:: Walk In Fridge ::

Bob, as requested. Part 2

:: Mr WIlliam Butterbum ::

We were at ikea and we spotted Mr William Butterbum!

The previous food entries I really do not know why the pics are all jumbled up like pasta. Well...can't fix it.

:: A new song up ::

Oligarchy has finally done one instrumental track and its titled "Help Line". Do check it out at either or

This track is being used by MOE for its library presentation and the end deal of this all is super sweet. Expect new photoshoot pictures in the next few months.

Also, Oligarchy is already kicking in its writing phase although now its more of relaxing and slowing down on the gigging and enjoying life time. Its 3 years non stop work on performances and I really feel this 'holiday' period is what all of us really need before going full force on the writing part.

Here are some pics of us really fooling around.

Me and Bob at Botak Jones. Awesome stomach filling goodness.