Wednesday, May 27, 2009

:: Funny Words ::

I did not make any of this up...its real words with real meanings

The last word in the dictionary, meaning "The chemistry of fermentation processes."

Someone who really fancies cheese.

Old British word for having sexual intercourse.

Foolish talk or nonsense.

I laughed so hard I almost sh*t my britches

To be overprotective of, or, when used as a noun, an especially pampered man or boy.

When "nasty" or "icky" just doesn't cut it anymore, i.e. "Look at the kid with the janky Trapper Keeper."

A fart let off just before a beautiful woman walks into the vicinity.

Gross thing, funny word.

Same as a buffet, but more hilarious.

Ok thats all i can do for now. So what you waiting for? Go...go and use this cool words to your friends

Sunday, May 24, 2009

:: I dont know what this is ::

I dont know what this is....but i'm going to post it anyhow.

Credits to Nura

:: Sufi Response to my video to him ::

Sufi's response to my video. All the way man!

:: A flight of stairs and alot of spare time ::

What do you get when you take a flight of stairs and people who have alot of spare time. This was taken donkey years ago and there are talks of us doing up a blog to showcase the funny side of life. So stay tune for that. Also, "THE EAT OFF" will be posted on that new blogspot.

Rolling Down Esplanade.

Rolling down Concourse

Ps - I've made a new label for this kind of thing. Its call "Bringing on the awesomeness."

:: A video dedicated to Sufi ::

This video is my favourite of all time. I dedicate this to my good good friend Sufi.

The rest of the cast is Me, Bob, Moe and lastly Raman. Eh wait....Moe don't watch porn.

Friday, May 22, 2009

:: A sad sad day for Singapore Grunge Scene ::

Muddybanks and Streetsites are on hiatus. Major blow for the already small grunge scene.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

:: Femine look ::

I would have to post all of this and ask "Don't i look pretty?"


To make it clear, I AM A STRAIGHT GUY who loves girls.

Ps - Bob you still look more femine than me in your makeover pic.

Monday, May 11, 2009

:: Singapore Street Fest 09 ::

Wow look, we're on Singapore Street Fest 09. I seriously look ridiculous with that hat.

Click here

Saturday, May 09, 2009

:: Couples look alike ::

Dont we look alike

Me on the left, Nura on the right

See....when a couple sticks together long enough...they tend to look similar. The guys are trying out a new game soon.... will try to keep everyone updated.

:: 19 Ass ::

Hello My name is Ms Nura
I enjoy fictional guys from Tv, homemade mocca and fictional guys from Tv. Early mornings make me cranky. During my free time, I love to talk to my 12 cats. I'm a mutant with the ability to talk to cats. Also, I hope to open a coffee shop one day called "Makan di Nura Niari Babe". I think I'm married to Peter Parker. Oh btw, I also have a "boyfriend", Wan

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

:: Fund Raiser at Loof ::

Found more pictures of the event!!!

Our so called "Promo Shots" I look so chinese in this

Me Singing backup for "This love" I think

I'm wearing shades coz i think its cool. And the guy on the right has big "balls"

I brought rusty along for the gig

Whole picture of everyone that made this wonderful thing happen

From left to right: Rusty, Me, Bob, Kamarie, Nina and Yusri

Bob uses rusty to make this cool song happen

Seriously... i was with Kamarie asking him... "A nosejob dude? For real?"

:: ::

Me and Bob are on this poster. A gig we did for

I know the poster is super big but this organisation is kickass with wonderful people all around and if i was a girl.....i'll support this full force! I think i'm signing up to be a "Big Sister". Thank you so much for the drinks, multiple cokes, free calamari, free big potato wedges and those free burgers. We had so much fun

Visit them by clicking HERE

:: Definately buying this ::

I am definately buying this for my office

Sunday, May 03, 2009

:: A cat is what I really want ::

I saw this cute cute picture of a cat and i just have to share it with everyone.

Can someone please give me a cat that looks like that!

Ps: The cat in the picture will probably grow up to look like this..

Yes yes....thats Patrick the Liger. I want a LIGER!