Wednesday, September 15, 2010

:: Punggol Beach ::

A few nights ago, K and I set forth to look for 2 things.

1) Matilda house
2) Punggol Beach

Why would this 2 be on our list you might ask. Well, Matilda house is supposedly haunted. Plus, its an old, old house. Punggol Beach is a site where hundreds of Chinese were massacred during the Japanese occupation which means, land rich historical site.

We failed to find Matilda's house as the area was really really dark BUT, we managed to find Punggol Beach. Since it was dark, the only photograph we managed to take that made sense was this.

Find out more about this historical site here.

We're planning on a trip to another historical place. Might be putting out a list of what we have done (with links to flickr and other important informative sites).

On a personal note, recording is commencing and I've learn to pee standing up. Spell my name on the snow people! BOOYAH!

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