Wednesday, August 10, 2011

:: To them idiots ::

I've gone through 4 accidents so far in my life. 1 of them, the guy just speed away after banging me from the side, leaving me and my gf in the middle of the road. Another 2, the driver came out and look at his car first WITHOUT giving a shit to see if i'm even alive. The last one, a big ass truck driver bang me from the side, and drag me a good 5m. This low educated truck driver was the only person human enough to run out from his truck and ask me "Are you ok?" first. He even called me later that night and the next day to check if i'm ok. This poor guy even wanted to pay for my medical fees. I respected this guy more than anyone else. It shows, even if he was poor, he has a true heart of gold. Money and status means shit when you can't even be human to others. People, take today to open your eyes to the people that would need your help regardless of race or age. Lastly, to the 3 assholes who left me bleeding on the asphalt, i hope your nights are plague by your selfish ways.