Wednesday, September 01, 2010

:: Heartland Merlions ::

Singapore is an interesting place if you only know where to look at while walking. Me and 19 frets was taking a romantic stroll near somewhere and I chanced upon this.

Now you see my fellow friends, there are 5 official Merlions in Singapore. There are at

1) Sentosa (The big ones with laser blasting out of its eyes around 8pm)
2) The mother Merlion at the Merlion Park
3) The baby Merlion at the Merlion Park
4) Another at the Tourism Court and lastly
5) One 3m Merlion at Mount Faber.

Since we were somewhere in the heartland, how can there be a pair of Merlions there. I wonder I ponder. Based on an article, this pair could either be

a) A counterfeit/replica of the Merlion recognised by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) or
b) A counterfeit/replica of the Merlion NOT recognised by the STB.

Whichever it is, it looks leuwau cool and it proves one good point. Everywhere you go, if you know where to look, things can never be boring.

A clue to where this pair of Merlions can be found. I give you a hint. And here it is.

Stop Id : 54611