Thursday, April 30, 2009

:: Barcelona 0 - Chelsea 0 ::

This happened 2 days ago....

I was queing up to buy drinks where 2 malay uncles were talking about soccer. They were talking apparently about the Barcelona and Chelsea game.

Bodoh 1 : "Babe...Barcelona confirm win one...they got Messi and Eto... they playing home somemore. how can chelsea beat them"

Bodoh 2 : "Thats why...should bet that Barcelona score 3 goals one"

I heard what they were saying so i went to them and said

Me : "Excuse me, but they will confirm draw one"

Bodoh 1 : "Eh, u Chelsea fan is it?"

Me : "Ya"

Bodoh 2 : "Thats why u say they will draw....alamak...Barcelona will win la boy!"

Me : "No....i said that not because i'm a chelsea fan....i said that because the game was just now. And chelsea drew barca 0-0"

Bodoh 1 and 2 : "What!"

Therefore i conclude.......

Drinks - $1.20
Newspaper - $0.70
Seeing 2 idiots talking about a game already played - PRICELESS!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

:: All about April 11 ::

People born on April 11:

Anton Levay (Founder of Church of Satan)
Joss Stone (Musician)

Historical happening on April 11:

Apollo 13 is launched
Bob Dylan made his singing deput in New York
Napolean is exiled to Elba
Last execution of Witchcraft in Germany

Well, thats all interesting facts. Wish there was more....

Monday, April 20, 2009

:: We did what? ::

This was from the latest pic. I know i know....i look like someone who is about to steal a kids balloon....

I was not trying to steal a balloon.... i was trying to burst them...BIG DIFFERENCE!

Now look at this wonderful team here....Aren't they the cutest pair ever since Tom met Jerry? On the left is Ms "Small Girl" Jas and on the right its Mr "my patient has limits ok?" Raman WhatLah!.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

:: Flea bags hoorah ::

Here it is...the poster of my gig today.... Now aint that girl cute?

Friday, April 17, 2009

:: Oh yeah I am? ::

Just saw a poster saying my band will be performing.....I'm like "For Real?". Ahaks. Well....Oligarchy will be performing an acoustic set from 1 to around 5 at (get this) Flea@Jazz@Southbridge. Well, hopefully anyone that wants to be there can be there coz its FREE and there is like some people selling some stuff. Practice today and performance tomorrow. God.... how i love my life.

Click here for details

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

:: The good, the bad and just the $#!(@# ugly Part 2 ::

This is part 2 of my hair adventures. This is all after my Ns, with alot of mishaps in cutting my hair. Enjoy. And please...hold them burfs until everything is done

Long hair has started to form
Style: Seriously....i dont know
Comment: Its like Mars. Explore the unknown

Experimenting with my looks. Especially with long hair
Style: Unmanaged hair everywhere
Comment: I look like this when i wake up....

Growing me hair like an emo kid.
Style: Emo combover with crappy dye
Comment: I look too childish in this

Wanting so much to look like i'm from the mafia
Style: Back comb
Comment: Definately will do this hair again!

Now the hair experimentation is really kicking in full force
Style: Longs sides and back with shorter fringe
Comment: I got this style accidentally. Can't live with the fact lightning can strike twice.

A freak haircut that went wrong
Style: Rob Thomas wannabe haircut that i did not ask for
Comment: I might just do this again.

Ok, this was how it first look like afte the freak haircut.
Style: I dont know....gibberish?
Comment: Will go for it but the longer version

The longest i've kept my hair since i've finished my army
Style: Ermmm....long
Comment: Too messy for my profession

This is the result of not cutting my hair after a bad hair cut
Style: Long blah blah blah with short blah
Comment: I like it coz it makes me look cute. Or girlish

Same shit just another angle
Style: Same
Comment: Shouldnt have cut it short.

Samurai induced idea.
Style: Just tie the top hald of ur hair and let the rest drop off
Comment: I love it sooo much. Future hairstyle

Last one and probably the closest to what i want to achieve.
Stlye: Centre parting long "grunge" hair
Comment: That is how my hair will look like

Ok now you know that my hair growth have been ugly and tedious. My prediction to achieving my dream hairstyle will be either in July or latest December. So watch out for more of my hair updated. Ok, now all of you may go barf. Many cheers

:: The good, the bad and just the $#!(@# ugly Part 1 ::

This is the chronicles of my hairstyle. Yes. It is painful to see and watch but hey....i seriously thought it would be fun! Ok. This is part 1 or 2.....and it shows me before, during and slightly after my NS! Let the show begin.......

This was taken a few months before NS.
Style: Back comb half crap hairstyle
Comments: What the hell was i thinking???

This is right after i enlisted in for my NS.
Style: Forced crew cut that cost me $2
Comment: I look like a druggie with this style and that is cool!

Serving my NS for the first year
Style: The 4-3-2-1 army cut.
Comment: Never will I do that EVER again!

A different haircut during my NS days
Style: Short all over
Comment: I look like a lost kid

Getting more rebellious by the 2nd year of service
Style: The oldschool armani hair cut
Comment: I look good but too geeky

Ahhhh....Just completed my NS!
Style: The emo short hair comb over with short sides
Comment: I will not do this again. Look like a baby

As the freedome comes to keep my hair long, this is what happen
Style: Emoish failed attempt look
Comment: I rather cut me hair bald

Realised how stupid long fringe are.
Style: Short all round but not too short
Comment: Maybe i can jump back to this hair when the time is right

Stay tune for part 2.... (man this is harder to do than i thought it would be)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

::A tragic loss::

Today is a sad day in both my world and the Singapore entertainment world. Abdullah Sani, a great malay actor passed away on Saturday evening leaving behind many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was this man, on which his life i use asa litmus paper to gauge how i want to be when i grow to his age. He was an articulate, famous, well liked person that nobody can ever hate or feel bitter too. I remember once, i was in a car with him and his wife, and throughout the whole journey all he and his wife did was talk about everything and anything under the sun. I smiled and thinked to myself, if i can be half of what they both are right now, i would be truly blessed. Every Hari Raya, my family would visit his house, and he is truly the family man. solving his grandchildren problems, reminding them about their parents, reminding them what being in a family is all about. He cracks jokes about his mishaps and misfortunes. Never have i seen him complain about life. He was diagnosed with diabeties and got his toes cut off. But all he could say was he walks funny now and will always stray to his left while walking as though he is a car with only 3 tires. Never did he complain about the pain. Never did he say he missed that toe he lost. I saw his movies and his acting was pure class. I am lucky and thankful that i have his blood in me. My brother is the luckiest person alive because he got to be the last person ever to have this beloved person represent him for his engagement. Something that i can never have but really want.

I regret not being there when you are being buried. I regret not being able to show you who i'm going to end up marrying. I am truly sorry for this and i wish that you are really at a happy place right now.

Abdullah Sani was a gifted actor and the best great grandfather a person can ever ask for. He was loved by the screen, by everyone of all races and by me, his great grandson. I will truly miss you Nyoyang Sani. I am so sorry that i wasn't there. I really am.
Abdullah Sani.... The greatest person in my world. I miss you already.