Wednesday, June 15, 2011

:: Silent Hill ::

I'm taking a break from photography and in some sense slowing down my uploads on my Flickr account and also on updating my blog. Reason? Coz I'm in the process of writing. Yes. Writing. So, don't worry much people coz I will be updating when I have the time and I will be uploading more photos (coz i have them just that it's not edited yet). June and July will be busy and any updates (if I'm allowed to say it) would be done here coz I'm Wan, the WanLeaks dude. Here's a little sneak peak on what I'm writing...

"And I will, push you in the fire
Just to save you
Yes I will, push you in the fire
Just to save me from you"

July is going to be freaking awesome!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

:: Being in a band ::

This 2 videos below are literally the 2 videos that got me wanting to be in a band, wanting really really bad to write my own songs and play it. That was back in 2002 (i think). Close to 9 years on, the passion is still alive and strong. Soon i guess.... Can't wait for July!!!

Friday, June 03, 2011

:: My penis ::

A few days ago, i text-ed K this

"An artist once commented that my penis is 'a fine piece of art worth mentioning in Wikipedia'."

In 5 mins he replied me this,

"Haha! I want to know who the fuck is the artist"

I answered,

"James Gaylord"

A few hours later, K text-ed this to me.

"A scientist once commented that my penis is a fine piece of rocket which reach sky in 0.001 sec'."

My reply....

"Dude... That's means you're a premature ejaculator. Not cool. Not cool at all."