Monday, February 28, 2011

:: My toys ::

Now, this post would be confusing to some people. I've always been a gear head. I'm so into musical instruments. Not until recently, when I purchased a new guitar did I actually sit and count the number of instruments I have. Now, this list is divided by 2 groups. Active and in-active. The names in () is the nickname i gave to them.

In-active instruments

1) Samick SG - First guitar used in first ever Oligarchy gig. Not using it as the neck was stolen.
2) Yamaha classical guitar - Bought in Batam. Bridge broke off.
3) TGM Acoustic Guitar (Black)- first acoustic guitar that I bought. Retired it. Been with me for 10 years.
4) TGM Acoustic Guitar (Brown) - 2nd acoustic guitar I bought. Not using it cos the tuning pegs and the action of the guitar is too high. Gonna fix it in the near future.
5) TGM Jazz Bass (Da Arsehole) - The neck and pickup on this one really sucks. Hate it. Thus the nickname.

Active instruments
1) Samick Strat (Cruella) - Modified this to a 1 humbucker 1 volume guitar. Fitted with a JH Humbucker. Got this in 2001. Played a few gigs with Oligarchy.
2) Samick Precision Bass (Da Jerk) - Modified with 1 split p's, zombie pickups and a single volume know. Most favourite bass guitar ever! Was used in Oligarchy for a few shows.
3) No brand semi acoustic (Rusty) - Got this in 2007. No brand. Love the feel of it. All acoustic shows with Oligarchy was done on this.
4) Squier Telecaster (Obey) - Fitted with Alnicos humbuckers. Main gig guitar after the SG. Used in all Oligarchy's recording. Love this to hell!
5) Epiphone SG (19) - Newest guitar. Love the feel. Would probably change the humbuckers in the future.

So that's what I have now. Knowing me, I'm gonna get more. So here's a short wish list of gadgets and guitars to get.

1) Epiphone Les Paul
2) Epiphone Dot
3) Squier Strat
4) Squire Tornado
5) Distortion humbuckers
6) Invaders humbuckers
7) Overdrive pedals (Ts7, Zakk Overdrive)
8) Delay units
9) Flangers (numerous brands)
10) Phasers (Numerous brands)
11) Rotovibe
12) Wah Wah pedals
13) Orange amps
14) Marshall stacks combo
15) Vox amps
16) JCM 800 amp heads
17) Hardcases
18) Multiple guitar stands
19) Pedal board

That's alot of stuff to buy and collect. Well, this would be useful when it comes to recording I guess. I would also be adding a Epiphone Les Paul JR to my collection once I have the time to fix it up. So many things to buy, so little time and money. Well, I've got the whole year to think and experiment before entering the studios.

Any kind soul willing to buy me the stuff I want???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

:: The Ring ::

She told me, "I want to be the nurse that cares for you",
I was in the bus, smiling
Seeing that message, I knew it.
I knew that as her patient, I'll be that forever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: Valentines Day joke ::

Before marriage,

He: Yes! I've been waiting for this moment!
She: Do you want to leave me ?
He: No! Don't even think about it!
She: Do u love me ?
He: Of course! Over and over!
She: Have u ever cheated on me?
He: No! Why are u asking that?
She: Will u kiss me?
He: Ever chance i get.
She: Will u hit me?
He: Are u crazy? I'm not that kind of person
She: Can i trust u ?
He: Yes.
She: Darling!

After marriage!
Read from the bottom to the top.Wahaha!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

:: My 201th post ::

For my 201th post, I'll introduce everyone to this funny video.