Wednesday, December 30, 2009

:: 2009 in a nutshell ::

To tell everyone the truth, 2009 is literally a rollercoaster. From the good to the bad and even moments where it reached the extremes on both side. Relationship was a bitch to go thru although upon reaching the end of the dark tunnel, the fresh air and sunlight was fantastic. If i had to do it again, i will do the exact same thing. Friends were lost which is good in someways. Makes those that stayed behind more meaningful. In the words of bob, "Friends fight and bitch about each other backs, but what matters is at the end of the day, when you're looking at each other, you can love and laugh with that person." Seriously, to those who stayed behind with me thru my broken ankles and all those really fucked up things, thank you. And to all those who have decided that life without me in it would be for the best, lets just keep it that way.

:: Resolutions Update ::

Fellow ladies and genitals.... Here is my list for 2009. An update.

01. Get a new guitar - Not going to my guitar too much now to get a newer one
02. Get a new multi fx - Got me an AX3000G multi fx pedal!
03. Learn to use the multi fx - Got it figured out good enough to perform with it.
04. Get a label to sign my band - Still no luck and no longer a priority
05. Go to the Zoo - Was planning to go at the end of the year but a broken ankle just hinders things
06. Go to the Night Safari - broken ankle
07. Go to the Jurong Bird Park - broken freaking ankle
08. Go on a holiday - broken freaking ankle
09. Get Raman to suck Bob's dick - Raman is STILL not buying the idea
10. Buy a dictionary - Ahhhh....why buy when there is an online version of it
11. Have breakfast more often - Success!!!
12. Go to more gigs - broken ankle
13. Keep telling myself to go to more gigs - Ok...go to more gigs
14. Make blogspot - You are reading it now
15. Learn to make a blogspot - Its simple but i like it
16. Remember more birthdays - So far so good....
17. Remember the lyrics to "Happy Birthday to you" (I only know the monkey version) - My little bro taught me
18. Watch more movies - Not that many good shows around anymore
19. Go Sentosa - read broken ankle
20. Make band shirt - We are still waiting for the money....donations anyone?21. Think of more things to say onstage - Still thinking....

9 out of 20 is not bad at all....Wait, who am i kidding. Its freaking bad!!! But no fears.... some of this will be push forward to the next year and some will just be dropped. Next entry...."2010 RESOLUTIONS LIST!"

Friday, December 04, 2009

:: Reason for the long long long silence ::

Close to 3 weeks ago i got into a freak accident which leaves me with a broken ankle. Has been out on MC ever since. Life is boring and scheduled. I dont know if anyone remembers about a list i made during the start of this year and with immobility it seems i cant finish it. Dammit. Well, expect a rerun of that list and possibly a new list coming up. 4 more days before my next appointment and hopefully, i am able to move around after that. Watching Growing up is really helphing me pass time more than i realise.