Monday, January 16, 2017

:: 3 years hiatus - An update ::

3 years since my last update. I was reading what I wrote, and where I left off was my weight lost journey.

Happy to say, i've lost 15 kg since I've started (wished it was more but let's take the positive). I guess my accomplishment is not really losing that much, but in being able to keep it off. I guess making it into a lifestyle has done me good.

I don't really cycle as much now. I do still practice no carbs at night and am still not drinking any soda water. So that's good. I did pick up jogging.

After 3 years, why did I start this again. Well, rather than go to facebook to broadcast it, I much prefer to be private about my life. This, hopefully, will remind future me of what happen.

2017. I've decided to start gyming. To focus more towards mixing resistance training with cardio training to lose weight.

I joined Anytime Fitness on 12th January and had my first ever session today. My plan is to follow this first , after which we will see where to go from there. So, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are gym days. Tuesday and Thursday are cardio days. Saturday and Sunday are rest days.

I do hope this will help. I'm really lucky that my wife (yes, I married Miss 19frets) understand why I'm doing this.

As per last practice, i'll leave my thoughts about my first day.

1st Day

I felt lost. Surprisingly, there were alot of people around at 2330 hours. Really surprising. But, with earphones on, i did what the website said to do on the first day and it felt good actually. I mean, the only gym I have been going to is actually in Batam during my holidays (ironic yes). So I do know what some machine does.

I guess, its about just doing your own thing in the gym and getting comfortable with what is available in that gym. To be brutally honest, I am not really looking into making friends in a gym. Gym has always been a place where i feel most comfortable in when I'm not talking to anyone, and am just focusing on what i need to do. I do hope to keep it that way.

So, first day was good. For warm up and cool downs, its a 1.5km walk to the mall. So total walking distance is 3km for both trips. Not that bad. Gym was ok, nothing fancy, doesn't justify the amount of money i pay per month ($90 by the way) but that is ok. 3 times per week, average of 4 weeks a month, that equals to 12 sessions per month. I can, choose to go more often, but we will see.

I like this. I think this could go somewhere. So let's see where it takes me.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

:: Day 28 and 30 - Cycling to work ::

I've started cycling to work. Maybe that explains why i'm extra tired and my thighs are hurting more. But I reckon I'll get used to it. Since I'm tired now, I'm going to go straight to the stats;

Day 28
Time: 36 mins
Distance: 6.17km
Calories: 365 kcal

Day 30
Time: 1 hr 4 min
Distance: 7.93km
Calories: 650 kcal

1743 kcal burned so far this week. 1757 kcal more to burn. Riding with Moe tomorrow after jamming. It will be a very tiring day. But I guess that's good.

Monday, September 15, 2014

:: Day 27 - Part 2 ::

Part 2 is what happened today. Started the week with a session since I rested on Sunday. Stats.

Time: 1hr 11 mins
Distance: 10.8 km
Calories: 728 kcal

2772 kcal more to go for the week. On a negative note, no one seems to notice that I've been working out. No changes in my physical appearance. Don't get me wrong, I actually feel great. But I don't think I'm shedding physical weight just yet. Kind of a bummer since I'm close to the 1 month mark. Wonder what I'm doing wrong.

:: Day 27 - Part 1 ::

Since I've not been blogging the past few days, I decided to split this entry to 2 parts.

Part 1 - Last week

Last week i cycled on Friday and Saturday. From my last entry, I was left with 1446 kcal to burn to make my 3500 kcal/week target. Well, numbers;

Time: 3hrs 42 mins
Distance: 4.88 km
Calories: 2252 kcal

Time: 27mins
Distance: 2.81km
Calories:275 kcal

I was riding with Moe on Friday. Riding and slacking. Showing him around Sengkang. On Saturday, me and Nura rode to my brother's house.

On a good note, I did clock in 4581 kcal for the whole of last week! 1081 kcal excess! That's awesome!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

:: Day 22 - And the devil came out of me ::

With a sore ass, i forced myself to go cycle to day. Stats.

Time: 1hr 59mins
Distance: 11.16km
Calories: 1216 kcal.

That makes it 2054 kcal total for this week. 1446 kcal more to burn for this week. On a side note, managed to poop out the hard little devil in me today. Was really really happy but my ass is sore. Really sore. At least now i learn that i need fibre in my diet. Lots of it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

:: Day 21 - Tired ::

Super tired today. Don't really know why. Could be from last night session. Or perhaps not getting enough sleep. I found out today that there are side effects to losing weight. And its constipation. Starting to really really hurt and I'm taking juices to see if it helps. Hopefully this doesn't add to my calories, I really don't want to gain weight. I need help.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

:: Day 20 - So far so good ::

Haven't been blogging for awhile. As mentioned in my previous post, I went out cycling with Nura on day 16 (thus breaking my one day riding and one day weight regime). It was really fun and we rode together again on day 17 (thus breaking my rule of not cycling for more than 3 days straight). Numbers for those 2 days first;

Day 16
Time: 2hrs 39mins
Distance: 10.79km
Calories: 1617 kcal

Day 17
Time: 1hr 42mins
Distance: 5.46km
Calories: 1041 kcal

This meant that for last week, I've burned a total of 5230 kcal (!!!). Thats alot! I skipped cycling for day 18 and 19. Was really feeling it. So decided to rest and started my first workout for this week today. Details

Time: 1hr 22min
Distance: 10.83km
Calories: 838kcal

2662 kcal left to burn for this week. Probably going to have another 3 more cycling session this week. Which would mean I would need to burn 800+ kcal per session. Hopefully I can burn more.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

:: Day 15 - Weekly quota ::

Lets just start this. Statistics.

Time: 1hr 21min
Distance: 11.29km
Calories: 826 kcal

So far, for this week, I've burned a total of 2572 kcal. This is minus weight training. My aim is to burn 3500 per week. Last week, I did 2927 kcal. So this week is definitely an improvement. Riding tomorrow with Nura but that would be leisure riding but I would turn on my speedometer just to see how much kcal I can burn. Sunday is the last day to ride again. I read somewhere, burning 3500 kcal per week will burn off 1 pound (0.4 kg). But this is minus the whole counting calories. So, i might be burning more or less per week, based on what I eat. I have managed to cut down my food intake and have limit myself to 2 cups of coffee. No more sugar can drinks for me.

Just realized that today is the 2nd week of me riding. Definitely feel better and its easier to push myself to pedal non stop, compared to when I first started. 2 more weeks before trying to see if there are results from doing this.