Saturday, February 28, 2009

::Relationship Advice::

Always wonder how to have a long lasting relationship. How to really escape fights. Click on the videos below to learn more. And to make it fair... first 2 videos is from the guys perspective and the last 2 is from a female perspective.(Baby i'm so sorry...)

For the guys!

And this is really really true. Recommend for all guys to read

How to deal with fights

What men wants

Saturday, February 21, 2009

::Whats on my mind::

Someone told me that blogs area place where people put up on the world wide web whats on their mind.... So i thought i will share it. This is whats going on in my mind.

Friday, February 20, 2009

::Happy 42nd Birthday Cobain::

Happy 42nd Birthday Mr Kurt Cobain. You really are an inspiration and the voice of a generation. Really wish that you're still around. Rest In Peace

Thursday, February 19, 2009

::Good Poetry::

Here's a good poetry piece that i'll like to share it with everyone. Click here for it.

The title for the upcoming Oligarchy ep will tentatively be, "Reading Between The Lines". It's going to be a 4 track (or maybe more) acoustic album which is a new thing for everyone. Its 80% done with 3 confirm mixed tracks. But knowing me i'll probably end up remixing those. (Perfectionist in me is really driving me nuts!) I might be putting up some rough demo on my myspace page or Oligarchy's myspace page, depending on where it gos first. There are some songs where vocals needs to be redone or redoing other of now...even i'm not too sure. Updates will be known in the near future.

B.t.w, I'm currently listening to Celine Dion.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

::Shocking News!::

This week is nothing but shocking news.... On Monday, I found out that Blink 182 is back!!! Watch their announcement here. I basically grew up listening to them, my influence in music mostly them, i wanted a band so bad after watching their "First Date" video. the news of their breakup really shocked me years ago, (to think my ex girlfriend was there when it happen...jinx). So this news is the best I've heard so far for this year. Really can't wait for the new album!!!

Second shocking news but better one is Scolari is finally sacked from Chelsea! I'm sooooo happy for that coz under him, we lost our records and is now resting at 4th in the Premiership table.

Lastly..... after sooooo long, i stumble upon another band name Oligarhy! So what must i do now? Sue them or something? ahaks! Well, went to their myspace but there's no music so that kinda suck. And the best thing is, they too are grunge. Shit! Check their myspace here

Sunday, February 08, 2009

::Back to studios::

I'm going back into the studios to finish up (or at least try) on the next Oligarchy Ep. We've taken close to 2 months or more to do up this project and every journey of this is an eye opener for me in terms of writing and recording a song. No plans have been set on what we're going to do with this Ep when its done. Whether its to be press and printed or available for download. Anyone who wants a copy of the previous Ep, just leave me and email or a message on my myspace. Its going at $3. Thats like you saving 10 cents a day for a month