Friday, April 16, 2010

:: Pickup line gone wrong ::

Bad Pickup lines

- "I saw you from afar and u look so amazing. I can't keep my eyes off you to the point i stepped on dog shit"

- "Would you want to eat dinner with me? Kinda my last meal before i jump"

-"Hi, I'm Wan and i am an insurance agent" - This always drive the women away

- "Wanna go out with me for dinner? I swear i'll twit about it"

- "Hi, do you know. If we go out and eat together and we go dutch, technically we are not on a date"

- "Hi, i know this sounds weird but the moment i saw u, i know im going to want to eat u"

- "Wanna have dinner? Yes? Ok? Let me cancel on my date first"

- "If you dont want to eat with me than why not i eat, and u watch"

- "Hi wanna have dinner with me? I'm good at making people laugh. 4 of my dates choked while eating with me so far"

I'm guessing thats it for now. Actually the line i used to get Nura is a line from blink 182 song. Damn, how i got her is beyond my understanding.

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