Wednesday, April 07, 2010

:: You are the chosen one ::

Jerry is a middle age man. Unmarried, unemployed and poor. One fine night, he went over to Bedok Reservoir to ponder on his miserable life.

"Why has my life always been like this" he asked himself.

Suddenly, the dark skies of Bedok Reservoir lighted up and the clouds parted ways. A bright light descended from the skies onto the reservoir. Shielding himself with one hand, Jerry squinted his eyes and to his amazement, he sees a man descending from the clouds.

That mysterious man hovered on the waters of the reservoir and look at Jerry with eyes so calm. Jerry thought to himself, "Is this man god?"

The man came closer to Jerry and said, "Jerry my son, I am god."

Jerry, with eyes so wide open could only stutter "G-g-g-god?"

"Yes my son. I am god. I am here to tell you that you are the choosen one"

Upon completing that line, the area around Jerry lighted up and the wind blew hard as though it was applauding Jerry.

Jerry looked at the man and said.....

"Oh shit!"

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