Monday, April 19, 2010

:: Bad advice from me ::

Once, this Chinese friend of mine wanted to date a Malay girl in my class. He asked her, and she said yes. We know what sort of a guy this friend of mine is and we understood his intentions when he goes about bragging to us about the date.

He came to me one day and asked me, "How do i say you look lovely tonight?" in Malay. I told him, with a convincing look, "You punye tetek nampak besar malam ni." He smiled and took 15 mins trying to master that sentence with me correcting him everytime he said it wrong. Finally, the day came and they went out. I was at home when my phone rang. It was him. He said, "Dude, just to double check. Its.... you punye tetek besar malam ni. Right?" I told him "Wrong its, 'You punye tetek nampak besar malam ni'". "Oh ok....thanks man...wah tonight sure can get her in the sack!". He said his thanks and put down the phone.

A few days later, he met me and i asked him how the date went. He told me his date slapped him hard and left him then and there, covered with popcorns and his drink spilled all over the floor. His last words to me was, "Maybe i said it wrongly....I never knew that the Malay language is like the Chinese language. Say it wrong, and it means something else." We parted ways after that and i never hear from him again.

By the way. "You punye tetek nampak besar malam ni" means "Your boobs are big tonight". And yes, i did that deliberately coz that girl he wanted is my best friend.

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