Wednesday, August 27, 2014

:: Day 7 - A week of this ::

Decided to rest yesterday. Was thinking of resting today too. 2 days train, 2 days rest. But I ate 2 sausages that I bought over at a food bazaar and just felt like i need to workout. So, took the bike out and rode an hour. Details:

Time: 1 hr 6 min
Distance: 9.25 km
Calories: 825 kcal

Although my distance today is not more than yesterday, I was surprise that my average speed is higher. Maybe the rest day does work. Well, I was suppose to be finding a route that covers at least 5 km, but I'm digressing. Overall, a little disappointing that I did not do more than the previous session, but I'm taking the positive that I rode. Even when I was too tired to do so. And today felt good actually. A lot of pushing myself, fighting the burning thighs.

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