Friday, August 22, 2014

:: Day 2 - Hurting ::

Day 2. I kept telling myself that i need to go out and do this. I promised myself that I will do this for 2 months. No matter what. 2 months. No quitting. So.... statistics

The cycle

Time: 1hr 6mins
Distance: 8.49km
Calouries: 817kcal

When I started the cycle, i told myself "if i can clock in what I did yesterday it would be good enough". Today was considerably hard because the pain of riding is starting. My thighs hurt like shit, i was sweating more and my seat wasn't really good. There was alot more stopping to be honest. But i was shock when after 45min of riding, I was close to the 7km mark. So i told myself "lets hit 7 km and call it a day". Didn't know i did 1.5km more!

Well, I'm really sore. Would probably cycle again tomorrow. But I need to set a route. And follow that route from now on and take timings for it (since the faster i go = the better I'm at it now).

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