Monday, August 25, 2014

:: Day 6 - Journey to the unknown ::

Lets kick this with the stats

Time : 1hr 32min
Distance : 11.92km
Calories : 1,161 kcal

Second continuous day of riding and it was hard! Maybe the 1 ride 1 off day theory is good. I could feel the thighs burn and i did more stops than usual. The last 3 km was done by pushing myself to go to an ATM machine further than usual, just to clock in the extra distance. It was surprising to be burning the most calories today. It came at a price. Today was torture. I will have to let my body decide if i should be resting tomorrow or I should go for a relax ride instead (30-45 min). I'm just going to take the positive and be happy that I've burned the most calories for today.

On a side note, I have been cutting sugar and it's getting harder. The cravings are starting but I must be strong.

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