Sunday, August 24, 2014

:: Day 5 - Starting again ::

Day 5. Time to hit the road with the bike again. I have bought for myself a back light and a bike lock (spent $12 bucks on them). Got myself some allen keys too so that I can setup my bike properly. Now, the ride;

Time: 1hr 16min
Distance: 12.77km
Calories: 941kcal

Today was something. I wasn't as tired as before and didn't have much problem doing the ride. Could be becoz that my bike was setup properly or the rest really helped with my stamina. My goal today was to actually ride 7-8 km. Was really surprised that I hit 12km. Best thing is I'm not as tired as the previous 2 rides.

I read that there is a rule. Ride 1 day, rest 1 day. I guess I'll listen to my body to see if I can ride tomorrow. Things are looking bright.

I don't know how much I weight yet. Don't even know if I've lost some weight. I told myself I would not weight myself until I've done this for a month. So, following what I've read, I'm just going to concentrate on 3 things. 1) Cutting out sugar from my diet (allowing myself max 2 cups of coffee. 1 in the morning and the other taken before my rides). 2) Concentrate on the distance I'm riding and 3) Doing it constantly. Now, lets wait a month before I weight myself.

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