Sunday, October 10, 2010

:: The TV Voice ::

How do you convince people that a lie is the truth? Well, there's this concept that I use. Its called..... "The TV Voice" concept. What is this concept you might ask me. Here is the answer.

"The TV Voice" concept is where a person, when telling a lie, would do so with the following actions:

1) Deep baritone TV reporter voice
2) Professional annunciation of words and lastly
3) A very convincing look

Below is a good example on the usage of "The TV Voice" concept. Do listen and watch it. Try it yourself while looking at a mirror. But DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT try this to people without sufficient practice! Once you are caught using this concept wrongly, people will know that you're lying. More videos to come to show perfect examples of "The TV Voice" concept.

"The TV Voice Concept" example 1 : Haunted School

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