Wednesday, October 06, 2010

:: The comma effect ::

Recently at work, I learn this new concept of merging sentences to make grammatical sense. I like to call it... "THE COMMA EFFECT". So how do we use this "Comma Effect" you might ask. Here is the definition of "THE COMMA EFFECT".

The Comma Effect.

The concept of "The Comma Effect" will only come to play if it fulfills one or more of the following;
1) More than one point is needed in one sentence
2) If the sentence written is too long
3) To make more sense in the sentence.

How does it work?
Lets see an example.

Example 1) Wan is a jerk, even though he is insanely leuwau, who writes a blog.

If you take the sentence before and after the commas the sentence would still make sense. Like so.

Without the commas
Wan is a jerk who writes a blog.

So what becomes of the sentence in the comma. Well, that is to just add on more information relevant to the sentence. Lets see another one.

Insurance Agent : Yes the insurance coverage you want is cheap, although in the event that you don't die from the accident you won't get any money and you probably have to work thru the pain or beg for money or even sell your house to pay for it, and well suited for you

Have fun with "The Comma Effect". Don't limit yourself to just written sentences. Go!

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