Friday, October 01, 2010

:: The lost Merlion ::

Awhile back i took a photo of some "lost" merlions. Now, after some research. Here is the answer to that riddle. You can sure check out Wikipedia or Infopedia to know that they are WRONG! Someone needs to update those things....

The Merlions, which you can see here were taken at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. Completed in Aug 1998, the Merlions were built to welcome residents and visitors to the precinct. (Thanks to Ms Vivien Ang from the Ang Mo Kio - Yio Chu Kang Town council)

Instead of the stated 5 Merlions that are recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board, there are actually 8 Merlions recognized by them. They are,

- Merlion Park x 2 (main Merlion and the Merlion cub)
- Sentosa x 1
- Mount Faber x 1
- STB x 1
- Ang Mo Kio x 2
- Lilliputt x 1 (located at East Coast Park)

Thanks to Mrs Angela Tan from the Singapore Tourism Board for the information.

Now the truth has been listed. People, remember where you know this from. Spread the word! Knowledge is power! BOOYAH!

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