Tuesday, October 26, 2010

:: Introduction ::

Back in 2002, my brother was given a bass guitar as a present. It was passed on to yours truly in less than a year since his passion for music went kaput. That bass, was passed on to Bob, who used it for early Oligarchy gigs and recordings (can be heard in the early recordings of "Shot till perfection" ep and also the "Reading between the lines" Ep).

Last year, I bought my younger brother another bass (which i call "Da Asshole"). "Da Asshole" was used for most of my home recordings but has finally choose to die out on me (ok, in some ways it ia still functional but i reckon i have to spend ALOT of vitamin M to fix it). Since "Da Asshole" has truly become its namesake, I finally got back that old bass of mine from Bob. 5 years on loan and its back with me now.

Why is this bass guitar important? Firstly, it's my first bass guitar. Secondly, that bass guitar is no longer in production. I truly love Samick guitars (my first electric guitar is a Samick strat copy).

Now here is where things get very very interesting. When I got back the bass guitar, it looks tired. The pickups, at least part of it, wasn't working due to the number of years it has been used. The electronics were begging to just retire. The neck was dirty and worn out. Every metal piece on it looked like it has went thru WW2. There was constant buzzing on the fret board. So what do I do? I went out to get it fixed up and custom-ed to how I would like it to be.

People..... introducing.... "Da Jerk"!

I won't go to details of the specs. But on a nutshell, its a Samick Precision bass loaded with split P's pickups with a single volume knob (just like "Cruella" which has one humbucker with a single volume knob). I got a really cool guitar tech to rewire everything, polish up the neck and the metal pieces and lastly to fix up the trust rod on the neck. How does it sound like? Click on the video below. (Sorry, recorded it straight from my comp).

So there you have it. Now I have 2 out of production Samicks that has been customized to my liking. "Da Jerk" will certainly be part of something great. Just wait for it.

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