Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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After thinking long and hard (probably around 5 min coz i'm a premature decision maker) I've decided to make an account for a website called ccMixter. Rather than just write about it, I'm gonna make this interesting. Here goes;

On a rainy Wednesday morning, I'm here waiting for the frontman of Oligarchy to appear for this interview. Since stating in his blog that he's going to be creating an account for a website called ccMixter, our website www.madebelieveinterviewpleasedontclickonitcozitsfake.com was dying to interview him. Not only is he 45mins late, I was told to wait at this exact location (if I did not the interview will not happen). Drenched due to the lack of shelter, I wonder why am I standing on a huge "X". A flash of lightning struck, scaring the hell out of me. Then, I heard someone behind me saying, "Dude, theres a shelter right beside you man. Why are you standing in the rain?" It was him. Wan Oligarchy. Blogger of "Crainte la baise face", member of Oligarchy and a total jackass. "Coz you told me to stand at the X if not the whole interview won't happen" I told him. "Really? Hah!" He said as we made out way to a staircase nearby. Cheap place for an interview. As i gesture to start the interview he pushed his hands to my chest and said "Wait....." followed by a 5 minute long pause. "Ok go."

What is this ccMixter that you keep talking about?
ccMixter is a website where musicians go to get their mixes heard, to find music stems to create mixes, to have other people mix their mixes and lastly to know more musicians who are really into making mixes.

So why ccMixter Wan, don't you have other things to do in life?
Well, ccMixter is a good place for working out my brain, looking at a song in a different angle and working with what is there, not starting on a blank canvas which is how i usually approach music. Plus, its a good opportunity to meet and work with other musican to create music.

What made you want to be part of this ccMixter community and how long did you take to reach that conclusion?
A leuwauly cool dude name Ivan Chew (you can see him at some of the comments he left me at my comment column) introduce me to ccMixter at a mix class he that i went conducted by him. Hearing his work recently ("To be or not to be" is a leuwau track that I will one fine day do a remix off) gave me the inspiration to be more creatively active. Like I said, it seeing music in a whol---

Yes yes, "a whole different light". You've said that earlier on. Don't you have a Flickr account that does that? As in, making you be "creatively active".
Yes I do have a Flickr account but that website is for pictures. 2 separate art forms.

Ok smart boy, last i check you were in a band with a myspace and a reverbnation page. Why the need to have another outlet to showcase your music? Greed?
Ok.... Nothing changes actually. With ccMixter, I'll be working on mostly remixing other works (hence working on my mixing and eqing skills) that consists of stems (also known as samples). Recording of my vocals or instruments would be a bare minimum. The band website are songs that are already written or recorded or both. Its a very different angle of how I'll be working on musically.

So when can we see your work?
Firstly, its listen not see. Secondly, I don't know. Soon hopefully. If time permits. I'm super excited about this which means its going to be sooner rather than later when a piece of music finally pops out.

When would we know a mix or song is out?
I would unselfishly and unshamefully broadcast it here. Like how I just did listing out all the links in this make up interview.

Thank you so much for giving us this precious minutes interviewing you.
No problem. Send my regards to Fred.

Who's Fred?
Oh forget it

As I left the steps we were sitting on, I have to admit that I truly felt like I was in the presence of an artist. I shook hands with him, I saw a smile from this man that looks so sincere it made me feel truly grateful. All those talk that he's a jerk and an asshole was all rumors I guess. As I made my way to a nearby toilet, I realize only later on that he truly is a jerk and a total asshole. Not only did he get me drenched in the rain, the wall that I was leaning on while doing the interview has the warning sign saying "Wet Paint". Not only did Wan Oligarchy successfully got me to wait for 45 minute for an interview that was over and done in 5 minute, he successfully got me drenched. Finally, to top it all off, he manage to get my $50 cotton on top and my designer jeans ruined with white paint. I hate that dude.

-- Adwin Pushpah
Interviewer for www.madebelieveinterviewpleasedontclickonitcozitsfake.com

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