Saturday, July 03, 2010

:: Introducing "Back as one" ::

As promised, today is the 4th of July and I've released the demo of "Back as one" on the awesome awesome oligarchy reverb nation page.

A little history on the song.

Written way way back in 2003 (thats 7 year ago man!), it is the 2nd song written by Oligarchy (interesting note: the first song is a song called Valium). How did the song came about you might ask... Well in 2003, even before Oligarchy was fully formed and named, me and Suf started writing songs. We were around Tampines and we only had my guitar to write down song ideas. We got the skeleton down and brought it to the jam room a few days later with a recently joined bassist name Bob. We played it to him, he got down writing the bass part and shazaam, the song was born. It was the second song ever written for this project and the very first to have everyone in the group putting their creative parts in it. The song is pretty much what an 18 year old filled with angst would write. If you ask me now, i'll say i don't really know what i was babbling about. This song has only been played live ONCE in 2005. Releasing this song, although not in its original arrangement, is really a walk back into the past.

Remembering how that song was made just brings back memories where everything was so simple and pure. Recording it was really a humbling experience. Sitting down, remembering what i was feeling when it was first written and trying to be 'in that moment' was really really nice. I hope people would enjoy it just like how i enjoy making it.

Keep checking for updates to know what other songs will be released soon. Yes, soon. Happy independence day.

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