Sunday, August 01, 2010

:: Alot of awesome news ::

Lunarin is going to be releasing their new album "Duae" very very soon. Why is this exciting news? Only because I've been listening to them ever since I was in secondary school. Getting to meet them a few months back was totally leuwau and I've been waiting, and i really mean waiting, for this album to be out. Below is a trailer video by them and also an email that they post to everyone in their mailing list.

"Dearest Friend

By now we are sure you would have forgotten the earlier message we had sent you in May. No matter. That's why we are sending you this message now – to remind you that our new album will be released this month on 20 August 2010. Although we did not end that last sentence with an exclamation mark, we are in truth very excited. We are so excited that we are sending you this message in our underwear, with the telly on and the kettle boiling over but we don't care. We are so excited that our bassplayer has upped the stakes and declared that she is sexcited. This is how excited / sexcited we are.

Have you ever received an email out of the blue from a old schoolmate that you haven't seen for 12 years but is suddenly spamming your inbox with blurry iPhone photos of his newborn son, sharing with you poignant quotes about how his life has changed? If you have, fret not, this message will not be as painful as that one. If you haven't, well, we are like that friend, except we will not be showing you pictures of bloodied newborns screaming their heads off. We love you this much. :)

To understand why we are so excited, please go to the newly revamped now (giggles). We won't spoil the surprise for you. Go click the link and find out for yourself.

But that's not the only reason for our excitement (sexcitement). You see, we have a present for you. We are going to give away our new single “Zero Point Red” for free at Yes, free. There is no mistake. Just because some of us are lawyers doesnt mean we will rip you off. We love you too much to do that. And besides, we love music more than the law.

“Is that all?” you may ask. Why no. We are excited about many other things too.

First up, we are playing a show with our friends Simon Yong and In Each Hand a Cutlass at Home Club on Friday 13 August 2010. Show starts at 8pm and the cover charge is $15, inclusive of one drink. If you wish to pre-order a copy of our new album and get it before the official release date of 20 August 2010, simply drop us an email at and we will set aside a copy of the CD and a tiny free gift for you so that you can collect it at Home Club on the night of the gig. Just go up to the merchandise booth and announce that you have made a pre-order (saying the word sexcited will help) and the extremely good looking gentlemen at the merchandise booth will pass you a copy of the album at a special discounted price. You see, being a member of the Inner Circle has its privileges :)

More importantly, tickets for “DUAE: SHOW NUMBER II” is finally on sale now at the Artshouse Box Office and at Tickets are on sale at $12 (exclusive of $2 handling fee). Considering our last album launch was on 7 January 2006 at the Substation, we can assure you that we have 4 years' worth of pent up energy, ideas and songs to make it a night worth remembering. Do come and spend 1 October 2010 with us. We promise we won't bite. Only the music will.

So that's it. This will likely be our last message to you in this format because we do not wish to spam people. However, if you head on down to or you can receive updates of what we are doing. You can even drop us a little message here and there to stay in touch. We do reply!

Thanks so much for your patience. We hope to see you soon.

With everlasting love,

Linda, Kah Wye & Eng Teck"

There you go. Am I going for the party. YES! Am I pre-ordering their CD? You bet your ass I'm going too! August is going to be GREAT! BOOYAH buttocks! Yes, I'm that hyped up now. Speaking of which, a new label for my blog is coming up very very soon. Over 2 weeks, I've gathered some info on the "IKWYDK" game and its coming. Yes baby.... its coming real soon. And that ccMixter thing. Oh yes. That one is coming too.

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