Monday, July 19, 2010

:: Eyegasmic delight ::

girl meet boy
Originally uploaded by hsalnat

Check this picture out. I'll use his name as how he would introduce himself with. hsalnat is a local (and by local i mean Singaporean) photographer. He's the creator of all this whacked-me-out-till-my-eyes-pop-out-of-my-eye-sockets pictures. Here's an example of what he is capable of doing. He sells most of this photograph and has done other cool things with it. Buy it by either contacting him directly thru his flickr account or at the Red dot museum every first weekend of the month. When you're there says "Wan told me so". Just for fun, ask him "Do you know Wan is a cyborg that uses 3-D glasses on an everyday basis coz life in 3-D is always better than life in double Ds?" Now, getting the leuwau (pronounce 'leuw - wow') to Red dot museum people!

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