Tuesday, September 09, 2014

:: Day 20 - So far so good ::

Haven't been blogging for awhile. As mentioned in my previous post, I went out cycling with Nura on day 16 (thus breaking my one day riding and one day weight regime). It was really fun and we rode together again on day 17 (thus breaking my rule of not cycling for more than 3 days straight). Numbers for those 2 days first;

Day 16
Time: 2hrs 39mins
Distance: 10.79km
Calories: 1617 kcal

Day 17
Time: 1hr 42mins
Distance: 5.46km
Calories: 1041 kcal

This meant that for last week, I've burned a total of 5230 kcal (!!!). Thats alot! I skipped cycling for day 18 and 19. Was really feeling it. So decided to rest and started my first workout for this week today. Details

Time: 1hr 22min
Distance: 10.83km
Calories: 838kcal

2662 kcal left to burn for this week. Probably going to have another 3 more cycling session this week. Which would mean I would need to burn 800+ kcal per session. Hopefully I can burn more.

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