Monday, September 01, 2014

:: Day 12 - Doing something different ::

Instead of going to ride tonight, I'm trying to see if I sticking to the 1 day ride, 1 day rest method. Instead of riding tonight, I'm going to do some weight training. Tomorrow I will continue riding. Putting strains to different part of my body while the other rest would be a good way to go I reckon.

On a different note, I do not know if I have lost weight but I do feel better. Less lethargic and definitely feeling like I have more energy to burn. I don't really feel bloated at all like I use to feel. I asked Nura if I've lost weight and she can't really tell. So, I think I would gauge what I'm doing based on how I'm feeling. So far, minus the fact I can't drink coke or any soft drinks and the muscle aches, everything has been positive. Nura did comment that my skin looks nicer now. Must be because of the constant drinking of mineral water.

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