Monday, August 09, 2010

:: Long weekends ::

Bless the long weekend that has passed. Long weekends are a good way to unwind, slow down and get that much needed rest after weeks and weeks of work. Long weekends are meant for late night sleep, late morning wake ups and just lazing around the house in nothing more than a shirt and underwear. To sit and just sloth. Being a couch potato is never a bad thing when it comes to long weekends. A trip out of Singapore would be good in the offing too I guess. BUT…..

That’s not how I roll! Long weekends? Bah! My long weekend was spent exploring! Yes. Exploring. Singapore is small. But the unknowns are still there. Here’s how things went.

Friday, 6th August 2010 – This happen between 1730hrs and 0000hrs

Met up with Suf and Moe to do that one thing we have not been doing for years. We went out to play pool! The whole night we played 9 ball and the final score was 5 (Moe), 4 (Suf) and 3 (Me). I suck at playing it. Been years (2 maybe) since I’ve played. I don’t think this would be the last time we’ll be playing pool.

Saturday, 7th August 2010 – This happen between 1200hrs and 2100hrs

Went to meet up Suf to explore sales opportunity. Ended in Bishan Junction 8. Target found. A sale at BHG. Everything going at 60%. Yes. 60%. Suf manage to capture a formal shoe going at $89 (original price $189). Polo tees were going for $10 a piece. Went out of that place with smiles. Mission accomplished.

Sunday 8th August 2010 – This happen between 1800hrs to 2100hrs

Me and K saw a forested area somewhere near a park in Sengkang and wondered what was in there. On this day, K, Suf and I went to answer that very question. The area I’m talking about is somewhere near Sengkang Park (if memory serves me right). We were attacked by a bee (which explains why there were 3 guys in the middle of the area with their helmets on) and a snake. YES! A SNAKE!!! The day ended with dinner at the Prata House. A picture that sums up the mood of the area.

Monday 9th August 2010 – This happen between 1700hrs to 2200hrs

Went to catch up with Gob. Nothing much happen. Been awhile since I’ve met him and it was awesomely leuwau to be laughing and sharing stories with him. He’s one dude who is always on my mind and that one dude I truly miss. Work and personal commitments just makes it harder for us to meet each other often I guess. At least we both are trying to set a date to see each other at least once. The topic of the day was “teabagging” and Left 4 dead. Really need to try out that game very very soon.

Therefore, I conclude, long weekends are just awesome. It was awesome, even if what I wrote are just highlights. Pretty much was occupied with my own personal ‘project’ during this time. Funny how I manage to squeeze that with whatever I wrote. Time management is simply…. BOOYAH BUTTOCKS!

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