Wednesday, August 18, 2010

:: Told you its going to be legendary ::

Last Saturday, I told K that “tonight my friend…… its going to be LEGENDARY.” Not surprising, he didn’t believe me a single bit. By the end of the night, after doing an “after action review” did he realize that the night was truly, leuwauly legendary. Why? Here’s why
1) We manage to get a bus to miss his turn making him enter PIE.

2) We ate dendeng (or is it spelled dengdeng)

3) We played pool on a billard table. (One game took 15min plus to finish)

4) The trip down to Geylang was plagued with humorously done wrong turns

5) Lastly, its legendary alone to be spending time with my close friends.

The night however was almost ruined by rain. Luckily, it did not. On Friday, me and Suf was at the Lunarin pre album launch. I got a free poster, a free guitar pick and their newest album, get this, before it was even launched! Yes! Place was packed and here’s some picture to prove it.

I recommend any music lover to get the new Lunarin album (Duae). Been close to a week and I'm still listening to it.

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