Monday, January 16, 2017

:: 3 years hiatus - An update ::

3 years since my last update. I was reading what I wrote, and where I left off was my weight lost journey.

Happy to say, i've lost 15 kg since I've started (wished it was more but let's take the positive). I guess my accomplishment is not really losing that much, but in being able to keep it off. I guess making it into a lifestyle has done me good.

I don't really cycle as much now. I do still practice no carbs at night and am still not drinking any soda water. So that's good. I did pick up jogging.

After 3 years, why did I start this again. Well, rather than go to facebook to broadcast it, I much prefer to be private about my life. This, hopefully, will remind future me of what happen.

2017. I've decided to start gyming. To focus more towards mixing resistance training with cardio training to lose weight.

I joined Anytime Fitness on 12th January and had my first ever session today. My plan is to follow this first , after which we will see where to go from there. So, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are gym days. Tuesday and Thursday are cardio days. Saturday and Sunday are rest days.

I do hope this will help. I'm really lucky that my wife (yes, I married Miss 19frets) understand why I'm doing this.

As per last practice, i'll leave my thoughts about my first day.

1st Day

I felt lost. Surprisingly, there were alot of people around at 2330 hours. Really surprising. But, with earphones on, i did what the website said to do on the first day and it felt good actually. I mean, the only gym I have been going to is actually in Batam during my holidays (ironic yes). So I do know what some machine does.

I guess, its about just doing your own thing in the gym and getting comfortable with what is available in that gym. To be brutally honest, I am not really looking into making friends in a gym. Gym has always been a place where i feel most comfortable in when I'm not talking to anyone, and am just focusing on what i need to do. I do hope to keep it that way.

So, first day was good. For warm up and cool downs, its a 1.5km walk to the mall. So total walking distance is 3km for both trips. Not that bad. Gym was ok, nothing fancy, doesn't justify the amount of money i pay per month ($90 by the way) but that is ok. 3 times per week, average of 4 weeks a month, that equals to 12 sessions per month. I can, choose to go more often, but we will see.

I like this. I think this could go somewhere. So let's see where it takes me.