Wednesday, January 05, 2011

:: New tag for the new year ::

Introducing, a new tag called "Message madness". Check this. My sweet cousin sent me this sms on New Year's eve.

"Today is the last day of the new year. As a gift, you can ask me one question and I will answer it honestly. I'll be waiting."

I looked at it, and replied.

"Hmmmm, how can the equation e=mc2 be adjusted to include the gravitational pull of -39?"

Next thing I know, he called me and said "What a question!" I answered him "What? It's a legitimate question!" The next few minutes were spent on me convincing him its a real question. I told him "Fine! I'll ask you another question before the year ends."

Later on, I texted him this : "Explain, in percentage, the probability of a Liger being found in the wild from the 16th to the present century."

His answer. "70%"

I said : "Wrong. Its 0% since tigers are asian and lions are africans! Happy New Year!"

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