Thursday, January 27, 2011

:: The boy who cry wolf ::

It's that time again where I infect peoples' minds with an infectious story. Presenting, "The story of the boy who cried wolf". Here goes!

During the kampong days, there was a boy named Ali. Being hardworking and honest are 2 important qualities of a child that Ali do not have.

One day, his father called him. "Ali! Ali! Where the hell is that boy. ALI!"

"Yes father. I'm here. What do you want?" Ali answered.

"There you are. I need you to go guard the farm. Sheeps are disapearing. I'm going to Giant for awhile." his father said, while packing his bag.

"But I was playing!" cried Ali.

"So? Go do as I say. The sheeps are important!" his father said.

"Fine! Can you at least buy me something from Giant?" asked Ali.

"No!" his father yelled.

"Miser!" whispered Ali to himself.

"What did you say!" screamed his father.

"Nothing, nothing" Ali said.

There he was, sitting down on a rock, looking at the sheeps.
"This isn't fair. Why must I guard all this stinky sheeps. Why must I do everything in the household. 'Ali, guard the sheeps. Ali, move that big rock.Ali, go pull that sword out of that stone. Ali, go climb up that tall tower and wake up the sleeping princess. Ali, this. Ali, that!' Why must it always be me!"

Suddenly, a friend of his message him. "Ali. Party now at my house. Parents not in. Lets get it on!"

"A party! Damn! I want to go there soooo bad. But I have to guard the sheeps." Ali said. He texted his friend back with this message, "Cant. Father asked to guard the sheeps."

A few minutes later, his phone beeped. "Cry wolf. Run away. People would start searching for it. Sheeps would be safe. You would be partying!"

"Hmmmm....what a stupid idea!" Ali thought to himself. He replied, "Singapore where got wolf!!!"

His friend messaged him back "Oh ya. Well, too bad. Party is still gonna happen. Booyah!"

"How. How do I get out of doing this." pondered Ali. Just as Ali was dreaming, a gust of wind engulfed the area. A cloud of smoke appeared and a fairie appeared right in front of him!

"Oh my goodaness! What are you?!" screamed Ali.

"I am, a fairie. I believe you would want to get out of baby sitting a bunch of sheeps and go party yourself silly instead. Am I right?" the fairie said.
"Hell yeah! But I can't think of any excuses right now to get out of this." Ali answered.

"Well, let me help you. I will grant you one wish." the fairie said.

"Hmmm.. I know! I want Singapore to have wolves!" said Ali.

"Wolves?! Why would you want that!" said the fairie.

"So that I can cry wolf. Get people to come here. And i can go to the party! It was a friends' idea." Ali said.

"You sure? You know you can wish to go to the party, or wish for a clone of yourself, or even wish that your father didn't ask you to do this." the fairie said.

"Hey! It's my wish! Do as I say!" Ali said, with both his hands on his waist.

"Ok. All you need to do is say it. Say I wish...." the fairie said.

Confidently, Ali said. "I wish that there would be wolves in Singapore, so that I can cry wolf and go to the party!"

With that, the fairie disappeared.

"Now..... lets try this." Ali said to himself. Clearing his throat, Ali shouted "WOLF! WOLF!"

He looked around, and not a single soul came running to him. "That's weird. I'll try again. WOLF! WOLF!"

Still, no one was running to him. No one was even in the area.

He saw an old chinese man, walking on the road. So he yelled again. "WOLF! WOLF!"

"Eh boy! You sibei siow ah! Singapore boliao wolf la! Pentan!" the old man said while walking away.

Suddenly, Ali heard a slight movement, coming from the bushes. "Oh no...." he thought to himself.

From the bushes, out came a pack of wolves.Looking at Ali. With saliva dropping from their mouth.

"Shit!" Ali said and took out his phone to text his friend for help. "Help! Wolves trying to eat me!"

Instantly, his friend texted him back. "Wolves? Ya right. Godzilla is doing the chacha in his underpants at my party. Have fun guarding the sheeps. Cheers"

"That's it. I'm dead.... WOLVES! WOLVES! SOMEONE HELP! WOLVES WOLVES!" Ali screamed.

The pack of wolves came running towards him and killed him.

Being hardworking and honest are 2 important qualities of a child that Ali do not have. Apparently, he wasn't that smart either.

The End.

The concept of crying wolf means saying a lie one too many times to the point that no one believes you when it actually happens. Therefore, here's one thing you should never cry out because if it actually happens, and no one believes you, you'll be in deep shit.

"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"

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