Thursday, December 30, 2010

:: My 2010 in a nutshell ::

2010. If I could sum up my 2010 in one word, it would be "Awesome". 2010 has been a great year for me. "How can the year be great for u?" people might ask. Well, 2010 was great because I made it great. Let me tell you guys a story.

I remember, it was the countdown to usher in 2010. I was with K and my younger brother under a block near my place, eating Myojo cup noodles. For the first time after a very long time, here I was, under a block eating cup noodles with only 2 people to accompany me. It was such a humbling experience. Before I knew it, 2010 came. No countdowns. No group of friends. No gigs. No big crowds. I looked at K and I remembered saying to him, "Dude. 2010 will be MY year. I'm going to make things happen for myself." Best thing to happen to me in 2009 was to break my ankle. There I was, looking at the stars, unable to move, humbled, being forced to take a break.

Now, what exactly did I do to make 2010 MY year. Looking back, here's what I've accomplish for 2010 (I'll try to list down some, if not all, of it. To the best of what I can remember) :

01) Got a good paying "stable salary" job
02) Got my Class 2B license
03) Got a bike
04) Finally bought a ring for 19Frets
05) Picked up "Photography" as a new hobby
06) Picked up "Exploring" as a new hobby
07) Picked up "Fishing" as a new hobby
08) Tried filming and writing a short story
09) Created my dream bass "Da Jerk"
10) Kept close friends really close to me
11) Rekindle lost friendships
12) Visited the Botanical Gardens
13) Visited Kampong Buangkok
14) Finding the twin Merlions
15) Saw the Toa Payoh dinosaurs
16) Saw the Whampoa dragon
17) Found more cool place to sit and relax
18) Being able to still write music
19) Having the chance to play my last gig for Oligarchy
20) Buying Mio TV
21) Surviving my first ever bike accident

2010. What can I say? Awesome, awesome year. The saddest thing about 2010 is this. Oligarchy is on an indefinite hiatus. How long? Well, there is a very high chance that Oligarchy will be disbanded, although nothing is OFFICIAL yet. I know words are traveling around somewhere, someplace regarding the reasons why this is happening. Now is not the time for me, the person who created this band in the first place, to inform people about it. Nothing is official. There are many things that needs figuring out. To see if it all makes sense to even continue this journey at this point of time. No official breakup announcements are written in either our Myspace or Reverbnation page. Our music is still there for people to listen to or download. When things are finally thought about and decisions are finally made official, the announcement will be made at those 2 page and also here. If there is a need for me to personally explain why, that would be written here too. Now that's a promise I can make to everyone out there who are considered Oligarchy's fans and friends. As for now, Oligarchy is on an indefinite hiatus. The reason? It's musically based. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I don't want to thank friends, fans or organizers for the wonderful 5 years that I had with Oligarchy. Instead, I would have this to say to the ones mentioned above. "If you think those 5 years are good, wait till you see what I have in mind for the next 5 years!"

My 2011 resolutions will be covered in a few days to come. But all I can say to you, my friends, is this.

"End 2010 the way you want 2011 to be."

With that, I want to wish (from the bottom of my heart)

Happy new year to all my friends!!!

Ps - to 19frets "I love you so much! Thanks for being the compass that never fails"

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