Tuesday, April 07, 2009

:: The good, the bad and just the $#!(@# ugly Part 2 ::

This is part 2 of my hair adventures. This is all after my Ns, with alot of mishaps in cutting my hair. Enjoy. And please...hold them burfs until everything is done

Long hair has started to form
Style: Seriously....i dont know
Comment: Its like Mars. Explore the unknown

Experimenting with my looks. Especially with long hair
Style: Unmanaged hair everywhere
Comment: I look like this when i wake up....

Growing me hair like an emo kid.
Style: Emo combover with crappy dye
Comment: I look too childish in this

Wanting so much to look like i'm from the mafia
Style: Back comb
Comment: Definately will do this hair again!

Now the hair experimentation is really kicking in full force
Style: Longs sides and back with shorter fringe
Comment: I got this style accidentally. Can't live with the fact lightning can strike twice.

A freak haircut that went wrong
Style: Rob Thomas wannabe haircut that i did not ask for
Comment: I might just do this again.

Ok, this was how it first look like afte the freak haircut.
Style: I dont know....gibberish?
Comment: Will go for it but the longer version

The longest i've kept my hair since i've finished my army
Style: Ermmm....long
Comment: Too messy for my profession

This is the result of not cutting my hair after a bad hair cut
Style: Long blah blah blah with short blah
Comment: I like it coz it makes me look cute. Or girlish

Same shit just another angle
Style: Same
Comment: Shouldnt have cut it short.

Samurai induced idea.
Style: Just tie the top hald of ur hair and let the rest drop off
Comment: I love it sooo much. Future hairstyle

Last one and probably the closest to what i want to achieve.
Stlye: Centre parting long "grunge" hair
Comment: That is how my hair will look like

Ok people....so now you know that my hair growth have been ugly and tedious. My prediction to achieving my dream hairstyle will be either in July or latest December. So watch out for more of my hair updated. Ok, now all of you may go barf. Many cheers

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