Tuesday, April 07, 2009

:: The good, the bad and just the $#!(@# ugly Part 1 ::

This is the chronicles of my hairstyle. Yes. It is painful to see and watch but hey....i seriously thought it would be fun! Ok. This is part 1 or 2.....and it shows me before, during and slightly after my NS! Let the show begin.......

This was taken a few months before NS.
Style: Back comb half crap hairstyle
Comments: What the hell was i thinking???

This is right after i enlisted in for my NS.
Style: Forced crew cut that cost me $2
Comment: I look like a druggie with this style and that is cool!

Serving my NS for the first year
Style: The 4-3-2-1 army cut.
Comment: Never will I do that EVER again!

A different haircut during my NS days
Style: Short all over
Comment: I look like a lost kid

Getting more rebellious by the 2nd year of service
Style: The oldschool armani hair cut
Comment: I look good but too geeky

Ahhhh....Just completed my NS!
Style: The emo short hair comb over with short sides
Comment: I will not do this again. Look like a baby

As the freedome comes to keep my hair long, this is what happen
Style: Emoish failed attempt look
Comment: I rather cut me hair bald

Realised how stupid long fringe are.
Style: Short all round but not too short
Comment: Maybe i can jump back to this hair when the time is right

Stay tune for part 2.... (man this is harder to do than i thought it would be)

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