Thursday, April 30, 2009

:: Barcelona 0 - Chelsea 0 ::

This happened 2 days ago....

I was queing up to buy drinks where 2 malay uncles were talking about soccer. They were talking apparently about the Barcelona and Chelsea game.

Bodoh 1 : "Babe...Barcelona confirm win one...they got Messi and Eto... they playing home somemore. how can chelsea beat them"

Bodoh 2 : "Thats why...should bet that Barcelona score 3 goals one"

I heard what they were saying so i went to them and said

Me : "Excuse me, but they will confirm draw one"

Bodoh 1 : "Eh, u Chelsea fan is it?"

Me : "Ya"

Bodoh 2 : "Thats why u say they will draw....alamak...Barcelona will win la boy!"

Me : "No....i said that not because i'm a chelsea fan....i said that because the game was just now. And chelsea drew barca 0-0"

Bodoh 1 and 2 : "What!"

Therefore i conclude.......

Drinks - $1.20
Newspaper - $0.70
Seeing 2 idiots talking about a game already played - PRICELESS!!!

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Oligarchy said...

Now dude, Stupidity is also a mutant power ok.