Monday, January 05, 2009

::New Year count down @Boon Lay::

The pictures as promised

Me and Bob arguing to see who has the coolest cap. Suf told us to fuck off.

Yes this is Raman again. I swear it wasn't me

Walking on the streets is so much fun. Only time we can do that without a bus hitting us.

The biggest crowd with the biggest stage. Kinda makes me look small.

With the most gayish face i can ever imagine.

From left is: Moe(Psp), Raman, Ina, Me, Suf, Bob and Jaz(Jc kid)
Overall if i can recall, the whole day was fun and the crowd was great and so was the food. My first meal for the year is a nice steaming bowl of Instant Cup noodle bought at 7-11 with the friendliest chinese international guy you can ever imagine. And with close friends hanging around you, you just wish that everyday feels like its the new year. You can go to to see more of the pics there.

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