Wednesday, January 28, 2009

::Get me on the tube!!!::

Oligarchy is trying hard to get our face on tv and perform for all of you on that box with the moving images. So....please please please spare 10 mins of your time and vote for Oligarchy. We're not asking much but just use all 10 votes on us daily. Link is at the bottom. Here is the instruction on how to do that written by our lovable and most goodlooking man, Bob.

Part I (For those who dont have a Mediacorp Channel 5's forum account); here are the steps.
1] Sign an account with Mediacorp's Forum via this link; Here.
2] After registering, you need to activate your account via em-mail confirmation.
3] After you've confirmed, follow the steps in part II below

Part II For those who already have a Mediacorp Channel 5's forum account;
1] Click on the URL which leads you to my band's profile Here
2] Click on "Rock On" and a new window with Terms and Condition pops up.
3] Check on "Agree" and "Continue"

Also, we do not know what song to play and since you people vote for us, we'll let you pick and decide what we'll play. It is a performance for you either ways. Click on the link below to hear us on our myspace. Ahhhh...myspace, a true networking powerhouse

Listen and watch us

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