Tuesday, January 20, 2009

::New Hairstyle and Leslie the Man::

Let me introduce you to a good good friend of mine. His name is Leslie and I know him for 5 years now. He is an avid gambler and also a professional "diss master". And here we have, his beautiful, beautiful Utt lookalike face.

Aww... ain't he the cutest creature you can ever lay your eyes on. He is a great great friend mine, sharing with me many practical jokes that we've played on him. And he is always cool with it, always telling us "to shut the fuck up and stuff your nose in our sorry ass....dog." Well, for all the practical jokes, I truly love this fucker and we've gone way way way back.
I'm thinking of changing hairstyles since the one i'm having now is not "wind friendly". So any ideas?
P.s: If anyone tells me to cut like Leslie, i swear i will tell you to shut the fuck up and stuff your nose in your sorry ass....dog!

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