Thursday, January 01, 2009

::Happy New Year MOTOFCUKERS!::

Welcome all to my new and improve blog. Well, its creation (or recreation) is actually 1 of my new year resolutions. So.... let me share what are my resolutions,

01. Get a new guitar
02. Get a new multi fx
03. Learn to use the multi fx
04. Get a label to sign my band
05. Go to the Zoo
06. Go to the Night Safari
07. Go to the Jurong Bird Park
08. Go on a holiday
09. Get Raman to suck Bob's dick
10. Buy a dictionary
11. Have breakfast more often
12. Go to more gigs
13. Keep telling myself to go to more gigs
14. Make blogspot
15. Learn to make a blogspot
16. Remember more birthdays
17. Remember the lyrics to "Happy Birthday to you" (I only know the monkey version)
18. Watch more movies
19. Go Sentosa
20. Make band shirt
21. Think of more things to say onstage

There you go. My resolutions. I made up alot of it so that at the end of the year, i can count which was done by me and divide it by 21 and multiply it by 100 to make a good percentage. So if anyone can help me accomplish some of my resolutions do tell me. You would be of great help. Thanks and a happy new year!

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