Tuesday, December 14, 2010

:: Kitty pot ::

This month is going really really well so far. With a $300 kitty pot to spend, I'm wrecking my brains to buy things. I finally got a fishing rod and reel. Caught a fish on its first outing. Now, what do I buy with the rest of the money. Here's a list

1) A new bass? (must be able to compete with Da Jerk which is hard)
2) A new bass bag?
3) Save it for recording?
4) A new helmet?
5) A new external hard disk?
6) PS3? - This would be extreme
7) A new CPU? - Now this would be really really extreme
8) Go on a holiday?
9) Rent a chalet?
10) BBQ?
11) Go zoo?
12) Go night safari?
13) Go zoo AND night safari?

Well, that's all the options i've got so far. Will update. DECEMBER BUTTOCKS!!!!!

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