Wednesday, May 12, 2010

:: Oligarchy upcoming gigs and setlist preview ::

June will be a busy month for Oligarchy. 5 shows have been confirmed although the setlist has not been confirmed yet. Well, lets try something out right here and now.

Here are the details of what gig we have, when and where it will happen
Streetfest 2010 - 12 June 2010 (Plaza Singapura)
Ramans gig - 19 June 2010 (Katib Community Centre if I'm not wrong)
Carnival by the Straits 2010 - 19 June 2010 (SAF Changi Yatch Club)
Streetfest 2010 - 20 June 2010 (Cineleisure)
Streetfest 2010 - 27 June 2010 (Cathay)

Therefore, as you can see, Oligarchy will be busy during June. 2 weddings is happening during June, which makes us all busier like an ant!

In terms of setlist, we will be playing cover songs. Here's a list of possible covers we will play

1) Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
2) With or Without you - U2
3) You know you're right - Nirvana
4) Time after time - Cyndi Lauper
5) Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me - U2
6) Billie Jean - The late, great, Michael Jackson

So what i need anyone and everyone to do is, tell me what you all want to hear and we'll play it. Even if its a Nirvana song that isn't in the list, just tell me! If we can do it, we will do it. If we can't, pick another song!

For the original songs, i don't think i'm putting down the list and asking people to pick coz there is a possibility I am going to pick all new songs to play that are not on the EP and not been performed on last year Streetfest or any major gig events.

Updated talks with Bob indicates a new layout for our myspace page with new themes and also a new logo for Oligarchy. Check out the page to see updates and hear samples of our music there.

Tell me what songs you want me to play either thru my blog or my twitter page. Also please update me if you have seen "Sembawang random guy".

Let the year kick its butt with Oligarchy!

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