Sunday, May 02, 2010

:: 15 funny ways to answer your office phone ::

1. "Tukang mandi mayat..!" (Undertaker)
2. "Cobra commander, how can i help you?"
3. "Canadian pizza, 2 for 1. (pause) Canadian pizza, 2 for 1"
4. "Your soul is mine....."
6. "Seven daaaaayyyyyssssss"
7. "Rock on! Apply directly to your head. Rock on! Apply directly to you head. Roc...."
8. "Hi, this is Hell. Do you have a booking?"
9. "To donate $5, please press 1."
10. "Fish marker, Shark speaking"
11. "Sorry Han Solo is a rock currently."
12. picks the phone up and just roar!
13. "Please leave your message after the beep." And you just hang up.
14. "Hi, you will be recorded for quality training"
15. "Twit twit. Twit twit" Hang up.

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