Thursday, March 26, 2009

:: Been gone for way too long::

Ok, haven't been twittering and blogging for a long long time. Reason. I was pissed off sick! My back was hurting, my throat was hurting, it pretty much stop me from doing alot of things. I've been trying to fix my back and also do up somethings where i have been forsaking. Ok, now i'm here's some updates on me

Oligarchy work is selected for Noise Singapore! This is such an honour as finally someone is taking the shit i'm doing and seeing it as art. I did take some pictures but i'll uploaded another day. However, we need people to vote for our work (everything nowadays is votes). Click here to start voting. And band name is Oligarchy.

Ok....will update more of my life soon... So keep 'em coming. 'Nuff say

P.s - Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the best show ever!

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