Sunday, March 01, 2009

::A weird weird dream::

I just woke up from his really fucking weird dream. So I thought I blog it out since its fresh from my memory.

"The whole dream started with my encik boss asking me to follow him from my work office to i dont know where. He told me he wanted to look for hp covers. So i said ok and followed him. Thats where this weird feeling of my leg beings shaky and me being dizzy started. We went to 2 houses, it looks like those illegal ones but it might be ligitimate. The hp model we were looking for are Sony Ericsson 168(i dont know if theres even that model around). The houses are 2 story high and i remembered at the last house when i was going down i had to straigthen my right leg so as not too fall. By now my head was spinning out of control. We were downstairs when suddenly everything just blacked out and the next time i opened my eyes, i was lying down on a hospital bed. The moment i opened my eyes, my mom and dad was there, smiling and really happy i've opened my eyes. I asked them, 'where am i? Is this graceheaven?' Suddenly a nurse came and she said yes. This hospital looks more like a wayward house than it is a hospital. Very old school settings with painted green fence. I went out to smoke and my mom followed me and thats where she told me some bad news. She told me my gf is pregnant. I was like'WHAT!' I remembered thinking its one fucked up thing followed by another. But the weird thing is, no one, and i mean no one showed any anger or disapointmet. It was like this is soooo normal. I lay on my hospital bed and put my hands to my face while my mom and dad keep telling me don't worry. Thats where my gf came in and she really looks different. She got this glow around her. She said she's 2 months pregnant. Which is really really weird. I asked the nurse how long was i knocked out and she told me 3 days. I asked her due to what cause and she replied 'Concussion and slip disc' . Now thats fucking weird. Next thing i asked my mom if the pregnancy is true and she showed me the test kit with the results and the werid thing is the test kit can be turned in such a way that it can show negative and positive. The rest is pretty much a blur except for the fact that she is pregnant with sixplets! I freaked out! Tellin my mom and dad how can I raise enough money in less than 7 months to get married and pay for the delivery of the kids and take care of them! They kept saying don't worry and like before not even remotely angry or disstress."

Thats all i could remember as the rest of my dreams was really hazy and blurry. I remember me and gf cuddling at my house with me holding on her tummy and feeling really really scared. Like having this kids is making me happy and also really terrified at the same time. I'm really soaked in sweat now and what i type may not make sense cause i'm still groggy. Damn man.... my head is soooo fucked up right now. Shouldn't have watch that movie "Knocked up" and drink that big slurpee before bed!

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