Friday, October 21, 2011

:: welcoming my own ass back ::

After many many time away, i'm welcoming my ass back to blogger. Hi Blogger! I'm writing on blogger again because i realized that I still have many nonsensical things to write. Nonsensical things that I could not write anywhere else (in twitter, facebook or my bands blog). Therefore, in true honor of me teaching people how to be more of a jerk, here's a drop of knowledge!

A few days ago i've reached a revelation on how to insult a person. Yes, insult a person. Get ready........ if anyone. And i mean ANYONE is being a prick to you, call he/she.... A SPERM!


This is how you use it.

Example A: "Hey don't be such a sperm!"

Example B : "Wah lau.... you are such a sperm!"

Example C : "YOU SPERM!"

See guys, try it. See their reactions. And remember that you heard it here first! Next time, BOOYAH!

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