Sunday, November 14, 2010

:: Jam time ::

Yesterday was the day where I hauled my ass down to the jam room to practice for Oligarchy's last show before another hiatus. Really rad and looking forward for this coming weekend to play a legendary gig. Details are still very very hazy. All I know is that it's at the new scape on the 21st of this month. I do not know when we'll be on stage but we'll be there by 2 pm for sound checks. I do not know if there's tickets to be bought or if its a free entry gig. More to come on this blog when I do know. In the mean time, get busy listening to some of our songs either here or here.

Can't wait to meet up and catch up with friends on that special day. Booyah!!!

Also, we'll be giving away our EP for FREE! Thats freaking right. Free!!! So come and catch it while you still can because we will be donating all of the EP to the salvation army after the 21st.

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